Jimmy Carter’s early life

Jimmy Carter, who was the first child of farmer and a businessman, was born in Plains, Georgia on October 1, 1924. His mother used to worked long hours to gather for Jimmy and the other three children. Though his father was stern, he allowed Jimmy to befriend the black farmhands’ children. His entrepreneurial skills were supported by his parents and he was given an acre of Earl’s farmland where he grew, nurtured, packaged and sold peanuts.

While he was still young, he showed interest in doing business where he begun selling peanuts on the street of Plains. What he could get used to save and later on invested in five bales of cotton which he stored then sold after some time at a profit. With this money, he was able purchase and acquired five old houses in plains. By then, Carter was thirteen years old. The houses were rented to families in the area and this cause him to earn extra money.

James Earl Carter never left behind the schooling. He attended the Plains High School where he graduated in 1941. During this time, the Great Depression had impoverished Archery and Plains but the benefited exclusively from New Deal-farming subsidies. Carter later enrolled in Georgia South-western College. He was a diligent student who liked reading. A year later after joining Georgia South-western College, he was appointed to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. He entered the academy and showed a special interest in electronics and naval tactics. He finally worked on the nation’s first nuclear powered submarines. During this time, he met Rosalynn Smith and got married to her on July 7, 1947.

Jimmy and his wife lived temporarily in Virginia, Hawaii, Connecticut, New York and California. He served deployments especially in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets. After working as officer’s submarine-duty, he was then promoted a year later, in 1948 to lieutenant junior grade. He also qualified for command, and served other duties including Executive officer. He was led by Captain G. Rickover in fledgling nuclear submarine program in 1952. Captain Hyman G. Rickover was his great influence in his life. He was later sent to the Naval Reactors Branch for three months while his wife moved their kids to Schenectady, New York.

Jimmy carter wanted to become a high-ranking officer in the navy. However, his dream was cut short following the death of his father who died from cancer. He was forced to come to the Plains to manage the family-owned farm and the peanut stores. This also propelled him to study in the Agricultural Experimental Station in Tifton to acquire and perfect skills of modern farming. He was an active member of civic organizations and showed genuine concern for all members of all races. he never like tribalism and he embraces all cultures that he came across.

Carter’s interest in politics may have developed and pass on to him from his father who had served in Georgia Legislature. He ran senatorial seat in Georgia in 1962 and defeated his opponent by about one thousands votes. His life in politics therefore grew and gain popularity in the entire state.

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