Carter’s Political Career

Born in the year 1924, Jimmy Carter served as the 39th President of the United States. His tenure of being the President of the country, was between 1977 and 1981, and he also received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. He is popularly known for the executive position he held during this period of time, and even later, serving his country as well as people abroad, at times of challenging issues and difficulties.

However, he lost his position failing to handle a crisis situation in the region, which led him to become an advocate and a diplomat later in his life. His political service remains forever for the sake of his people on grounds based on humanitarianism. Human rights have all through been promoted by him and his foundation – the Carter Presidential Center.

Carter’s Political Stance – Where it all started?

The initiation of the Carter’s political career can be dated back to the 1950s when there were major changes taking place in the South American region. Orders for desegregation of public schools were given, raising protests for end of racial discrimination. Amidst such a situation, there was only one White man, who stood against such desegregation – Carter.

Carter received several negative reactions from the Whites. Yet, he kept continuing with his campaigns, targeted against all forms of racial discrimination. He stood for the 1970s gubernatorial elections where the American rural voters were not ready to give him any votes.

Being the Governor

Carter’s political strategies were targeted towards promoting human rights, eventually landing him the position of the Governor. He eliminated policies of school segregations, and focused on stabilizing human rights. At the same time, he was engrossed in the national politics during the period. It was during this time that he started focusing on making his position on the nationwide stage, and hence making note on the political happenings around.

Taking the Office of the President

While serving as the governor, Carter realized the need for the democrats in the country to have a regained position of presidency in the country. He campaigned on central issues such as budgets, reduction of waste, human rights, and more, eventually allowing him to become the 39th President of the nation.

Taking his office for the position, Carter worked on reducing the dependency of the country on overseas oil, taking the promotion of human rights to an extreme consideration, as well as trying to reinstate peace at every corner.

The Crisis and the Loss

In spite of all the efforts that Carter made for his people during his tenure of Presidency, the crisis of Iran hostage made him lose his position. The year 1979 witnessed Iranian students taking Americans as hostages in the United States Embassy, located in Tehran. Carter failed to handle this situation successfully, and was marked as a failure by the opponent who won the following election throwing Carter from the position.

Subsequent Efforts by Carter

Failure did not stop Carter’s political implications. He founded his Centre and kept working towards humanitarian actions, promotion of human rights, diplomacy and advocacy. Till today, his focus remains the same with him being known as one of the greatest Presidents that US ever had.


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