5 Lesser Known Facts About Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States of America who ruled between 1977 and 1981. Carter, who is a key figure in fighting for human rights, remains one of the oldest living ex-presidents of the U.S.A. However, he served only one term, so it is possible that you might not know him outside the presidency. Well, here are 5 lesser known facts about Jimmy Carter that will surprise you.


He Was The First US President To Be Born In A Hospital


This fact may not seem that noteworthy, but Jimmy Carter was actually the first U.S. president to be born in a hospital. He was born in October 1924 at Wise Clinic in Plains (Georgia) where his mother worked as a nurse. When he became the president, the hospital’s name was changed to Lilian. G Carter Nursing Center to commemorate the time his mother worked there. Today, the center is a care home for people who are mentally ill.


He Strongly Believes He Saw a UFO


While giving a speech in Leary in Georgia in 1969, Carter and several other people reportedly saw a strange, unidentified object in the sky. 4 years later while he was the Governor of Georgia, he filed a report on the incident, saying that he saw an object about the size of the moon with very bright colors that changed several times. According to Carter, the object hovered approximately above the horizon at about 30 degrees, moved towards the earth and then disappeared into the distance. Some experts however believe that the former president actually saw Venus, a claim he vehemently refutes.


He Was A Peanut Farmer


Though Carter initially wanted to join the US Navy, the death of his father forced him to take over his family’s peanut farming business. His late father may have been successful but he did not receive much as inheritance due to family wrangles and division. This forced Carter, his wife Rosalynn and their 3 sons to live in public housing subsidized for the poor in Plains, Georgia. In fact, he is the only president of the United Stated to have done so.


All the same, he went ahead to achieve great success in his peanut farming business, before he left years later to pursue a career in politics. As a tribute to his past achievements in farming, Carter had a huge peanut shaped balloon at his inaugural parade.


He Appeared In Playboy


Yes, you read that right, but thankfully he did so with his clothes on. While still a Governor of Georgia in 1976, Carter was interviewed by Playboy magazine where he talked about his life, religion and the elections. He got into trouble when he admitted to looking at many women with lust and committing adultery in his heart several times. Considering that he was a born-again Christian at the time and was also running for the presidency, his interview, as you would expect, caused an outcry from the media and his political opponents. However, he stood by his comments and remained unapologetic.


He Is A Prolific Author


Carter is also a prolific author who has written more than 20 books since he left the White House. The topics range from poetry, religion, to human rights. He has also written a children’s book that is illustrated by Amy, his daughter. Other than writing, the ex-president is also a well-known speed reader. It is reported that he can read up to 2000 words per minute.


Surprised that Jimmy Carter can read up to 2000 words per minute? Well, this should motivate you to learn more about him. You never know what else you might find out.


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