Jimmy Carter’s Political Views

Although the former president Jimmy Carter exited the white house in 1981, his political ideas still matter up to date. What’s more, he still weighs in on some of the major political issues that affect the country he once served. Below are some of Jimmy Carter’s political views;

1.His Opinion About 2016 Elections

Former President Jimmy Carter believes Hillary Clinton has a strong potential of leading America the right way. Speaking to a popular online news website on a live session, he pointed out that Clinton has the best qualifications among all the 2016 presidential candidates. He mentioned the fact that since Clinton herself is a former first lady, she knows a lot about the detailed administration of government, and the hard choices that have to be made, as well as the problems that a president is going to have to face while holding that office. He also argued that since Hillary has served as a Secretary of State, she is highly acquainted with international affairs, which is an added advantage.

However, asked about whom he would back if he had to choose between republican candidates during an appearance at Britain’s House of Lords recently, the 39th president selected Donald Trump, citing that Trump seems to be sort of malleable and without fixed beliefs. According to him, this means the presidential hopeful wouldn’t have trouble working with democrats.

2. Conflict Resolution


One of the key political areas in which Cater holds a different opinion from many world leaders is the issue of conflict. Known as the peaceful president by some, he abhors war and acknowledges that even though conflicts are a natural part of any human society, they can be resolved and adversaries reconciled through peaceful means.


The fact that the former US president believes in non-violet ways of reaching a mutual understanding during a conflict best plaid out a few decades back when he decided to broker a peace deal between Israel and Egypt. And the outcome of his negotiation turned out to be quite positive. Up to date, the two countries co-exist peacefully, thanks to his selfless efforts in making this happen.


Asked about his take on the US war with Vietnam and Iraq respectively, the 91 year old former naval officer was of the opinion that those wars were very unnecessary. He wished that his country would have been more reluctant to go to war. Peaceful conflict resolution is one of Jimmy Carter’s political views that go down very well with the public.


3. Immigration


The former president recently weighed in on the issue of illegal and undocumented immigrants in the country when he wrote to the congress proposing the following measures among others;


· A significant increase in the enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Federal Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act, especially in areas where heavy undocumented alien hiring take place.


· A substantial increment of available resources to control US borders, and other entry points, in a bid to curb illegal immigration.


· He also urged the government to cooperate more with countries whose citizens are fond of entering into the US illegally, so as to better their economies and their controls over human smuggling systems.



Although President Carter retired more than 2 decades ago, he still has strong political views on the political matters affecting his country. For some, Jimmy Carter’s political views are good whereas for others, it’s the other way round depending on how they consider them.



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5 Lesser Known Facts About Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States of America who ruled between 1977 and 1981. Carter, who is a key figure in fighting for human rights, remains one of the oldest living ex-presidents of the U.S.A. However, he served only one term, so it is possible that you might not know him outside the presidency. Well, here are 5 lesser known facts about Jimmy Carter that will surprise you.


He Was The First US President To Be Born In A Hospital


This fact may not seem that noteworthy, but Jimmy Carter was actually the first U.S. president to be born in a hospital. He was born in October 1924 at Wise Clinic in Plains (Georgia) where his mother worked as a nurse. When he became the president, the hospital’s name was changed to Lilian. G Carter Nursing Center to commemorate the time his mother worked there. Today, the center is a care home for people who are mentally ill.


He Strongly Believes He Saw a UFO


While giving a speech in Leary in Georgia in 1969, Carter and several other people reportedly saw a strange, unidentified object in the sky. 4 years later while he was the Governor of Georgia, he filed a report on the incident, saying that he saw an object about the size of the moon with very bright colors that changed several times. According to Carter, the object hovered approximately above the horizon at about 30 degrees, moved towards the earth and then disappeared into the distance. Some experts however believe that the former president actually saw Venus, a claim he vehemently refutes.


He Was A Peanut Farmer


Though Carter initially wanted to join the US Navy, the death of his father forced him to take over his family’s peanut farming business. His late father may have been successful but he did not receive much as inheritance due to family wrangles and division. This forced Carter, his wife Rosalynn and their 3 sons to live in public housing subsidized for the poor in Plains, Georgia. In fact, he is the only president of the United Stated to have done so.


All the same, he went ahead to achieve great success in his peanut farming business, before he left years later to pursue a career in politics. As a tribute to his past achievements in farming, Carter had a huge peanut shaped balloon at his inaugural parade.


He Appeared In Playboy


Yes, you read that right, but thankfully he did so with his clothes on. While still a Governor of Georgia in 1976, Carter was interviewed by Playboy magazine where he talked about his life, religion and the elections. He got into trouble when he admitted to looking at many women with lust and committing adultery in his heart several times. Considering that he was a born-again Christian at the time and was also running for the presidency, his interview, as you would expect, caused an outcry from the media and his political opponents. However, he stood by his comments and remained unapologetic.


He Is A Prolific Author


Carter is also a prolific author who has written more than 20 books since he left the White House. The topics range from poetry, religion, to human rights. He has also written a children’s book that is illustrated by Amy, his daughter. Other than writing, the ex-president is also a well-known speed reader. It is reported that he can read up to 2000 words per minute.


Surprised that Jimmy Carter can read up to 2000 words per minute? Well, this should motivate you to learn more about him. You never know what else you might find out.


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Accomplishments in and out of office

Jimmy Carter’s accomplishments in and out of office
As the 39th elected president of America, Jimmy Carter strived to respond to the formidable challenges, like major energy crisis, unemployment, and high inflation. In the foreign affairs field, Carter reopened united states relations with Chinese and made progress with an attempt to broker an agreement in the Arab-Israeli conflict.This was later damaged in his stay in the office by a captive crisis in Iran. Over the next years, Carter built an outstanding career as a humanitarian, author and pursued conflict strong will in countries all over the world .In his tenure in the office, Carter made significant accomplishment some of which include:
1. As an assistant in the Navy back in 1952. President Carter worked under the Adm. Hyman Rickover, assisting in establishing a nuclear powered Navy.
2. Carter left Navy in the year 1953, after the death Earl (his father), who died due to pancreatic cancer aged 58. The senior Carter was a Council of Georgia House of councils, where his son followed him into the politics. In 1962, Carter was elected to Georgian Senate. On his 2nd try in 1971, Carter came to be Georgia’s governor, and again in 1976, he became the 39th president of America after winning the elections.
3. In 1978, President Carter thought of negotiations between Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister) and Anwar Sadat (Egyptian President) to produce Camp David Accords. Under the alliance, Israel accepted to return the Egyptian territory which was conquered in 1973 during the war, in turn, Egypt extended their diplomatic recognition to the Israel. Sadat and Begin won Nobel Peace Prize for such effort.
4. Drawing ideas from his duty on Camp David Accords, President Carter together with his wife Rosalynn established Carter Center in the year 1982 in alliance with the Emory University. Its goal was to promote health and peace worldwide. The Center asserts that it has assisted in improving the life of people for more than 70 countries by resolving conflicts, preventing diseases, advancing democracy, improving health care and teaching farmers on how to increase the yield of their crops.
5. From Carter Center, the president set a battle against the Guinea worm disease, which was a disastrous tropical infection that crippled its victims. The Carter Center declared the disease, to affect over 3.5 million people, was lowered to 125 cases in 2014.
6. The Carter Center also observed more than 100 elections in 39 countries – President Carter himself found 40 — to guarantee fairness and also to help in establishing and strengthening of democracies. The very first was in 1989 when President Carter and President Gerald Ford proceeded to Panama. After such visit, Jimmy Carter blamed Manuel Noriega for not letting to permit free & open elections,
7. president Carter has for a long time been in compliance with the Habitat for Humanity, foremost operating with it in 1984 when he later joined work crew in setting a home for the needy families in America.
8. Jimmy Carter received a Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2002 for his years of continued effort in finding peaceful remedies to the international conflicts so as to advance human rights and democracy, and also to boost socio/economic development.

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Carter’s Political Career

Born in the year 1924, Jimmy Carter served as the 39th President of the United States. His tenure of being the President of the country, was between 1977 and 1981, and he also received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. He is popularly known for the executive position he held during this period of time, and even later, serving his country as well as people abroad, at times of challenging issues and difficulties.

However, he lost his position failing to handle a crisis situation in the region, which led him to become an advocate and a diplomat later in his life. His political service remains forever for the sake of his people on grounds based on humanitarianism. Human rights have all through been promoted by him and his foundation – the Carter Presidential Center.

Carter’s Political Stance – Where it all started?

The initiation of the Carter’s political career can be dated back to the 1950s when there were major changes taking place in the South American region. Orders for desegregation of public schools were given, raising protests for end of racial discrimination. Amidst such a situation, there was only one White man, who stood against such desegregation – Carter.

Carter received several negative reactions from the Whites. Yet, he kept continuing with his campaigns, targeted against all forms of racial discrimination. He stood for the 1970s gubernatorial elections where the American rural voters were not ready to give him any votes.

Being the Governor

Carter’s political strategies were targeted towards promoting human rights, eventually landing him the position of the Governor. He eliminated policies of school segregations, and focused on stabilizing human rights. At the same time, he was engrossed in the national politics during the period. It was during this time that he started focusing on making his position on the nationwide stage, and hence making note on the political happenings around.

Taking the Office of the President

While serving as the governor, Carter realized the need for the democrats in the country to have a regained position of presidency in the country. He campaigned on central issues such as budgets, reduction of waste, human rights, and more, eventually allowing him to become the 39th President of the nation.

Taking his office for the position, Carter worked on reducing the dependency of the country on overseas oil, taking the promotion of human rights to an extreme consideration, as well as trying to reinstate peace at every corner.

The Crisis and the Loss

In spite of all the efforts that Carter made for his people during his tenure of Presidency, the crisis of Iran hostage made him lose his position. The year 1979 witnessed Iranian students taking Americans as hostages in the United States Embassy, located in Tehran. Carter failed to handle this situation successfully, and was marked as a failure by the opponent who won the following election throwing Carter from the position.

Subsequent Efforts by Carter

Failure did not stop Carter’s political implications. He founded his Centre and kept working towards humanitarian actions, promotion of human rights, diplomacy and advocacy. Till today, his focus remains the same with him being known as one of the greatest Presidents that US ever had.


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Jimmy Carter’s early life

Jimmy Carter, who was the first child of farmer and a businessman, was born in Plains, Georgia on October 1, 1924. His mother used to worked long hours to gather for Jimmy and the other three children. Though his father was stern, he allowed Jimmy to befriend the black farmhands’ children. His entrepreneurial skills were supported by his parents and he was given an acre of Earl’s farmland where he grew, nurtured, packaged and sold peanuts.

While he was still young, he showed interest in doing business where he begun selling peanuts on the street of Plains. What he could get used to save and later on invested in five bales of cotton which he stored then sold after some time at a profit. With this money, he was able purchase and acquired five old houses in plains. By then, Carter was thirteen years old. The houses were rented to families in the area and this cause him to earn extra money.

James Earl Carter never left behind the schooling. He attended the Plains High School where he graduated in 1941. During this time, the Great Depression had impoverished Archery and Plains but the benefited exclusively from New Deal-farming subsidies. Carter later enrolled in Georgia South-western College. He was a diligent student who liked reading. A year later after joining Georgia South-western College, he was appointed to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. He entered the academy and showed a special interest in electronics and naval tactics. He finally worked on the nation’s first nuclear powered submarines. During this time, he met Rosalynn Smith and got married to her on July 7, 1947.

Jimmy and his wife lived temporarily in Virginia, Hawaii, Connecticut, New York and California. He served deployments especially in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets. After working as officer’s submarine-duty, he was then promoted a year later, in 1948 to lieutenant junior grade. He also qualified for command, and served other duties including Executive officer. He was led by Captain G. Rickover in fledgling nuclear submarine program in 1952. Captain Hyman G. Rickover was his great influence in his life. He was later sent to the Naval Reactors Branch for three months while his wife moved their kids to Schenectady, New York.

Jimmy carter wanted to become a high-ranking officer in the navy. However, his dream was cut short following the death of his father who died from cancer. He was forced to come to the Plains to manage the family-owned farm and the peanut stores. This also propelled him to study in the Agricultural Experimental Station in Tifton to acquire and perfect skills of modern farming. He was an active member of civic organizations and showed genuine concern for all members of all races. he never like tribalism and he embraces all cultures that he came across.

Carter’s interest in politics may have developed and pass on to him from his father who had served in Georgia Legislature. He ran senatorial seat in Georgia in 1962 and defeated his opponent by about one thousands votes. His life in politics therefore grew and gain popularity in the entire state.

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